Thursday, October 17, 2013

JLA review

Justice League of America #8 marks the first issue of Matt Kindt's run, and gives us a look at where the Justice League are after the events of Forever Evil.

This issue is a must for anyone currently enjoying Forever Evil. It not only ties into the event, but it seems to be an important part of the story. The issue follows Martian Manhunter as he awakes alongside Stargirl in what seems to be a super-prison. Manhunter visits the "cells" that contain some of the Justice League members and realizes that this is not so much a physical prison as it is a psychological one. It looks pretty bleak for the heroes.

We see Wonder Woman in a perpetual state of war, Superman trying to reverse time, and Shazam immersed in a regenerating city with no one to tell him what he can't smash. Some of the "prisons" are personal heavens and some are hells, but either way, the Justice League is trapped and Manhunter might be the only one who really knows it. All the other heroes seem oblivious and helpless.

Matt Kindt did a great job with his Villains Month titles, and he's off to a fine start with this first issue. Fans of his writing should enjoy this one, and it's also a great place to jump into the JLA for those who haven't yet. The JLA and the Justice League will be working together closely during this event, making Justice League of America #8 a great jumping on point in the series.

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