Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Week in Review

Superman / Wonder Woman #1
Just when you think Charles Soule can't possibly handle another ongoing title, Superman / Wonder Woman hits the shelves. Just like all of Soule's other titles, this one is fun from start to finish. It's a great new addition for either Superman fans or Wonder Woman fans.
Superman / Wonder Woman focuses on the relationship between the two characters, but manages to stay action packed almost the entire time. Some readers were worried that this title would be more of a romance comic than anything else, but that's not the case with issue #1. Soule manages to throw in some action sequences even when the two are spending their downtime with each other.
Superman / Wonder Woman #1 features a favorite Superman villain as the main antagonist. It'll be fun to watch, over the next few arcs, how the two team up to take on their toughest villains without the help of the Justice League. More interesting still will be how their personal relationship grows or decays as a result of their teamwork.

The art (Tony Daniel with Matt Banning) is another great addition to this book. Even the more quiet scenes are fun to look at. The three page spread that comprises the cover is beautiful as well. And at no extra charge, it's a great value too. Now we just need a new Green Lantern / Green Arrow book and DC will have three excellent team-up titles to choose from, along with the current Superman / Batman.

Coffin Hill #1
From from the new line of Vertigo ongoings, Coffin Hill is great for fans of horror, mystery, and cop stories.
Eve Coffin is the daughter of a wealthy high class English family, though you'd never know it. She's
a brash, outspoken police officer and more interestingly, she's possibly a witch. The first issue of Coffin Hill takes place, for the most part, in the past. We see Eve's upbringing and get some insight into who she is. The Coffin family has deep roots which serve as somewhat of a legend to the locals. Clearly, some dark secrets have been buried in their front yard.

The writing is quite mysterious, in that many questions are presented and none answered. It looks promising for fans of long payoffs. The writing is clearly for a mature audience, and the artwork suits it well. It's a gritty looking book with a macabre feeling to it, complementing the writing very well.

The title says it's an "extra-sized issue" though it clocks in at 24 pages. of course, it's only a $2.99, and the story is well written, making Coffin Hill a great new choice for mystery horror fans.

Rocket Girl #1
After the Halloween Eve one-shot from a while back, Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare successfully funded Rocket Girl on Kickstarter. This first issue is an awesome sci-fi time travel story set in both 1985 and a dystopian 2013.
Dayoung is a 15 year old cop in the year 2013, and she's fed up with the way the world works. She decides to travel to 1985 and apprehend the scientists responsible for her frightening corrupt world, only to end up befriending them. It's a nice twist on the time travel revenge tropes that have been recycled many times over. Better still, the book is very well written.
Rocket Girl #1 features a small crew of characters and a ton of action. Montclare paces the issue very well, establishing character motives, skills, personalities and more, all while delivering some great action sequences. The art from Reeder make the book as much fun to look at as it is to read. You can tell that the two creators work incredibly well with each other.

The characters are well written, the plot is strong, and the art is absolutely awesome. Image made a smart move working with Reeder and Montclare in releasing this new title. Rocker Girl is an excellent choice for sci-fi fans looking for something new, fun, and interesting. Even non-sci-fi fans will enjoy Rocket Girl for the great writing and artwork.

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