Wednesday, December 11, 2013

JLA 3000

Justice League 3000 is a futuristic look at a Justice League in the 31st century. Right off the bat, this is a book that appeals to fans of sci-fi stories, and serves as a good mix of superhero sci-fi action.

In a world of microchip implants, otherworldly teleportation, and corrupt genetic scavenging, the Justice League does what they do best. But this is a Justice League unlike the one found in the present day titles. Each member is cloned from genetic materials from their modern day counterparts, and while they might retain some memories and powers, they certainly haven't retained the personalities of the old heroes. It's an interesting look at our favorite characters had they not been brought up in the present day.

Bruce never dealt with his parents death, and so his motivation to fight crime isn't as strong. Clark didn't have the affection of the Kents, and so he grew up arrogant and smug. Justice League 3000 revolves around an infectious hive-mind virus that's sweeping through universes,  but the real conflict takes place within the team. Regardless, it doesn't feel like a senseless "heroes vs heroes" book, but rather this internal conflict appears to be leading into something much bigger.

It'll be interesting to see which other members are added to the league, as well as learning the details behind the origin of the league. We know they're cloned from genetic samples, but what were the motives for doing so, and for whom was the project meant to serve? The creative team of Giffen, DeMatties and Porter do a good job with the title, pacing it well and keeping it rather action packed. There are quite a  number of subplots occurring in Justice League 3000, so readers have a lot to think about after reading this one.

All in all, Justice League 3000 is a good addition to the Justice League books, and it's actually nice that it doesn't tie into the present day stories. The $2.99 price tag also helps if you're looking to jump into a Justice League title that's a little less expensive than the usuals. Justice League 3000 is a fun read overall and recommended for this week's reads.

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