Monday, April 14, 2014

Batman Eternal

Batman Eternal is the first new weekly series from DC in quite a while. It's another addition to the Bat-Book family, and it's going to be featuring a huge showcase of talent over the weeks. This first issue is written by Scott Snyder and James Tynion, and drawn by Jason Fabok.

The first issue of Batman Eternal feels like any other Batman title, but not in a bad way. It does seem more Gotham-centric, focusing on the GCPD for a bit of the book and introducing a new lieutenant to the force. The new 52 version of Jason Bard, who may be familiar to Batgirl readers, and possibly a new love interest for the current version of Babs.
 The book really picks up in the last 5 pages or so, and sets up the rest of the arc very well.

This is a pretty good alternative for readers who aren't enjoying Zero Year. Lots of readers online seem to be wanting a Snyder written Batman title that doesn't take place in the past, and Batman Eternal seems like an excellent alternative. That may change in the future when new writers take over, but that's also the beauty of a weekly series like this. You'll get the chance to read Batman stories from many different creative teams without having to pick up a slew of Batman titles. It should also make it easy to jump into arcs as the weeks go by.

The weekly format is something DC is heavily invested in as a 2nd weekly title begins in May. You can pick up  DC Futures End #0 for FREE on Saturday May 3rd.

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