Saturday, April 26, 2014

Jeff Lemire in the house

Well there was quite a crowd waiting to greet Mr.Lemire when he arrived this morning, and if I'd remembered to charge my camera I could prove it with a photo.
Best of all there were more than a few people who had never experienced Jeff's work before, so we got to turn them on to a whole new world of graphic fiction.
Of course the main reason you're reading this right now is to find out who won the amazing J.L.U. #0 sketch covers Jeff produced just for the todays event.


07,  15,  22,  38, AND 47

and I'll probably play those numbers on a Lotto 6/49 ticket when I head home.

So, congratulations to , Brad, Niko,Court, Shawn and Naomi

Come by and collect your prize anytime. Just remember, it's first come, first choice. But all the covers look great so I'm sure you'll all be happy with your prizes.

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