Wednesday, April 9, 2014


One of my pet peeves is the variant cover schemes Marvel and DC use to bump sales. The requirements have gotten so high lately that most stores never get to see any of them, I usually get 2-3 of  a few each month.
However, DC has decided to make the variant covers to their titles open quantity for June. Meaning I can order as many as I think I can sell...and I do think they'll sell. The variant theme that month is Bombshells. Basically they are drawn to look like the pin-ups that were common during the war.  And they are a gorgeous batch of covers by the talented Ant Lucia who has a line of figures coming from DC Collectibles based on his artwork.
If you are interested in getting the variant version of your regular titles in June( or maybe buying an extra copy) let me know in store or check them off at the on-line store. I'm sure these will sell quick off the shelves once people see them.

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