Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Eternal Reviews

Batman Eternal #11

Batman Eternal is one of  DC's weekly titles, and this week's installment helps further a couple of earlier plots that helped kick off the series.

Batgirl is on the hunt for a mysterious man who was at the scene of the train derailment in Gotham. The same one that resulted in Jim Gordon's incarceration. Batgirl needs to find out who this man is and what, if any connection he has to the disaster. Sure enough, things aren't ever easy as Scorpiana and Batgirl end up at each others throats. It's nice to see the Jim Gordon angle revisited and furthered.

Julia Pennyworth is still rehabbing at Wayne Manor, making for a nice break from the chaos of chase and fight sequences. More than that, it's nice to see a little more emoting from the characters. Especially when those characters are family.

The Cluemaster plot gets some well written backstory, and we learn about his life before crime as well as his motivation. Stephanie exposes her fathers' early run-ins with Batman and tries to understand where and how her fathers' life went wrong.

A weekly Batman series is just what was needed, despite being another addition to the growing list of Batman books. The writing team of Snyder, Tynion, and Fawkes is a strong argument for the quality and consistency of the title, and a well varying art team keeps things interesting.

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