Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Weekly Reviews

Here is a review of the 2 weekly comics DC is doing .

Batman Eternal #9

Batman Eternal is a weekly series from DC and another addition to the list of bat-books on the shelf. Each issue is an installment in an epic Batman story that spans many characters and locations in the DCU.

In this week's issue, Batman heads to Japan to investigate the resurgence of Carmine Falcone, who has taken over the GCPD from the shadows and is now running Gotham city. Falcone was last seen in Japan, and when we're in Japan we can usually expect to see Jiro, them Japanese Batman. Jiro makes an appearance in this issue and fights alongside Batman to uncover the mystery of Falcone's reappearance in Gotham.

Batman Eternal is a good addition to the Batman books, especially if Zero year is moving too low or the stories in other Batman titles aren't working for you. This is a weekly series, so the story progresses at a more rapid pace when compared to other titles. It's got all of the standard qualities desired in a Batman book: mystery, detective work, plenty of characters, lots of action and the writers on the book are some of the most talented in the business.

Batman Eternal is a great choice if you're looking for a solid series that's easy to catch up on, and to follow along with.

Futures End #5

Another weekly series, this one taking place five years in the future. Futures End features rue whole cast of DC characters, including Batman Beyond who is at the forefront of the story.

In the distant future, the world has been taken over by an AI. The heroes, all turned into android bugs, only have one purpose: to assimilate all life into the AI. It's as dystopian a world as you can imagine, but Batman has a plan as always. Batman Beyond is sent back in time to prevent this future from happening.

Each character seems to have their own mini stories progressing which will converge into one down the line. This issue features Constantine, Firestorm, Grifter, Mr.Terriffic and a few others. Mr Terriffic announces a new consumer level T-Sphere which can store your essence much like a flash drive stores data, and Grifter is given an interesting ultimatum.

Futures End is only five weeks in, so we haven't seen any of the top tier heroes yet. How they'll factor in is anyone's guess, but there's still almost a years worth of story left as Futures End is a 52 week book.

Futures End will also be featured during DC's September event, during which each issue of the standard monthly titles will be a Futures End tie in. With some big writers working on the book, such as Jeff Lemire and Brian Azzarello, this seems like a pretty promising title.

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