Friday, March 16, 2007

Next Weeks Stuff

Not a lot of “new” stuff this week, but still some great books. Vertigo starts a new romance war book with Army@Love, the preview in last months Vertigo titles looked good. Marvel wraps up the Civil War with the Battle Damage Report.( Not a comic so much as a files type book) most people hate these things, I remember the comments when they ran in the back of Secret Wars.
Don’t miss books of the week include Amazing Spiderman #539, the reason Spidey goes back to black, and Ion #12 wraps up Kyle’s series, just what are the Monitors up to?
Personally I'm looking forward to JSA #4, I loved this series before 52, but since the restart its been blowing me away. Who is the mystery member ?
I do have a limited number of Captain America #25 coming in, I'll limit these to one per customer, with preference to regular members and customers first. Don't make the mistake of asking for this just for the sake of having it. It was actually a good story and leads in to the Fallen Son storyline which looks like a solid read too. Resale value on this book will be next to nothing in a few years anyway, but if you like a good read, pick it up.

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