Sunday, March 25, 2007

On the shelves March 28th

Nothing much new this week except the Virgin comics title Gamekeeper #1 with two covers, 1 by Cassaday.
Probably the 3 fastest selling books this week are all reprints. Buffy fans are still hunting for the first issue of her season eight adventures, and seem to care less if its a 2nd print. While Marvel fans (and investors) will snap up the new cover versions of the death of Capt. America and Civil War Initiative.
Don't miss out on Fantastic Four #544 however, as it's the first adventure of the "new"group with Black Panther and Storm taking Reed and Sues place on the team. This issue will lead into next months Black Panther #28 where the new team meets up with the Marvel Zombies.
Wonder Woman #6 is the first issue by new writer Jodi Picoult and begins a storyline leading in to the Amazons Attack mini-series starting in the end of April.


Jes said...

Hmm…Buffy sounds interesting

P.S. Do you do shipping requests?

comics & more said...

Sorry,no plans for shipping at present. Running the store is a full-time job already.

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