Monday, April 9, 2007

On the Shelves - APRIL 11th

Yes All-star Superman #7 is finally showing up, maybe DC was just waiting for the hardcover reprint of the first 6 issues so they could arrive on the same day. DC seems to be doing that a lot lately , where a reprint volume shows up the same day as the latest issue of the regular series.

The cover to 52 Week #49 looks great, a cool retro "Bond" looking image, the mini-Metal Men deserve a mini-series. This series is wrapping up nicely and leaves me excited for World War III.

Frazetta fans get to see another Death Dealer #1, the last time this title was done was for the short lived Verotik comics, quite a few years ago. Lets hope for a longer run this time.

Marvel has a few "new" books this week, none of which are really new. Nova #1 is probably the 3rd or 4th time around for this character, and The Loners #1 is a spin-off from the Runaways.

The book to watch for this week is Punisher war Journal #6, Frank is set to adopt a new look in #7 and we should get a look at it by the end of this issue.

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