Friday, July 20, 2007


Next Wednesday looks to be one of the busiest new comic days in a while.
Black Summer, Doktor Sleepless, and Crecy, all arriving on the same day. Maybe Marvel should have had Warren Ellis write the new Amazing Spiderman run, seems like getting out 3 books a month would be child’s play for this guy. Considering how quick the #0 of Black Summer sold out, these are all safe bets for quick movers next week. Doktor Sleepless should appeal to Ellis fans that miss Transmetropolitan, while Crecy is an historical look at one of England’s greatest battles.

It seems like comic book deaths have been flying at us fast and furious since Capt. America bit it, but Marvel still thinks killing off Sabretooth in Wolverine #55 should be a big deal, so much so they actually have 3 different covers for this issue (one is in B&W). Will it sell? Sure. Will anyone care 3 months from now when he’s back running around in the comics? Doubt it.
Buffy #5 ships a week early, since they were supposed to skip July, but to most fans its going to seem 3 weeks late. This will be the last of the Whedon scripted issues for a while as the next arc will be written by Brian K Vaughan,who created Runaways, which is now being written by Whedon, sort of a musical chairs thing going on there. I'm going to be watching this one closely and am interested in your feedback as well. Do you think non-Joss issues will sell the same. Visit the poll at the top of the page.

I think the reason its been so humid lately is because Hell has frozen over and driven all the heat up here. For evidence, I give you All-Star Batman #6 barely 2 months after the #5, and in addition Batman #666, come on, this one speaks for itself. Morrison could stand to take some lessons from Ellis, it'd be nice to see another issue of Wildcats or Authority some time soon, although not necessarily on the same day.


chuck said...

That last paragraph had me giggling...good job, Bob!

Um...shouldn't you have a 'spoiler alert' for the death of Sabertooth? Unless it's not that big a secret...

Looking forward to your weekly postings...

Comics & More said...

Thanks Chuck,you're right about the death however, I just assumed it was common knowledge after reading so much about it on various sites.

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