Tuesday, July 24, 2007


The sidewalk sale last Saturday went pretty well considering the lack of promotion. I just put the info up on the blog on Thursday, same time as I posted it on the store bulletin board, and I still moved through 300-400 comics. The majority of traffic appeared to be locals just stopping by and getting in on some bargains. Many mentioned what a great deal it was and how the comics were basically travel material. (something to keep the kids quite on the trip to the cottage). With this in mind I’ll be holding the next 20cent sale on Friday August 3rd and Saturday the 4th. That’s right, 2 days this time to give you a chance to grab some cheap reading material before leaving town for the long weekend. The tables will be out from 11:00-5:00 both days and the books will run the alphabet from aprox. P-T.
Of course if the weather should turn rainy either day, the sale that day will be postponed.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the opportunity to pick up so many great titles at such a fantastic price. I read through every word of the 40 or so I was lucky enough to find, with the good stories only overshadowed by the intoxicating nostalgic trash of 80's serial pulp - you really can't get entertainment that cheap! Cheers!

Comics & More said...

The next ( and possibly last) Sidewalk Sale for this year will be held on September 8th. Some of the local businesses are going to be doing sidewalk specials as well.

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