Saturday, July 14, 2007

Store News

I've had more than a few customers mention I need to update my blog more often, and I couldn't agree more. Sometimes its just a matter of finding the time, because I have more than enough to talk about believe me.
First I want to thank everyone who came by on June 23rd for my 20th anniversary sale. In total about 3,000 comics were sold at 20 cents a piece. Some of the kids(adults too) went crazy over the box of 20cent Heroclix and the poster display featured dozens of retro movie and cartoon images at the 20 cent price. There's still quite a selection of the posters available as well some of the discounted paperbacks here right at the front of the store.
I'm planning on putting some tables out front with 20 cent comics on the occasional nice Saturday or Sunday during August. Keep an eye on this site for possible dates.
One thing you can bet on is a midnight sale the weekend of the Taste on the Danforth festival, which this year takes place on Friday August 10th-Sunday August 12th
What I did last year was closed at my usual 6:00 on Saturday and reopened at 9:00-midnight, and it was a big hit. The majority of the people coming in were totally new to the comic store experience but were still very receptive to trying out just about anything I could recommend. Many were local residents who since became semi regular customers. Part of the sale will include a "Big-Little" idea I've been tossing around which involves a deal connecting Marvel Essentials and Marvel digests, sort of a Father-Son package where dad gets a big book full of classic stuff for himself and I throw in a small book of adventures for the kids.
I also need to mention I will be at the big August convention again this year
with lots of great deals on comics and paperbacks.

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