Saturday, October 27, 2007


Wow I can't believe I sold out on Countdown #27 this week. I keep hearing the series slammed on message boards and other blogs and yet 3-4 people walked out of here so far this week without a copy. I'd like to review it and find out just what has fans jumping back on, but I never got to read it. I guess I'll find out next week when the re-orders show up.
The backstock sale is moving along better than I'd hoped too. You guys really like a bargain I guess because the A-E section of the bins looks like a ghost town right now and the sale runs to Sunday. Some people are just picking out prestige format Batman's ( great stuff that's hard to justify paying $6-$8 for) while 1 guy took a near full run of Batgirl's home with him.The section with titles starting with F-L goes to a buck each starting Tuesday October 30Th. Fantastic Four, Hulk, Legion, and more for a dollar a piece.
Now the real work starts, refilling those empty bins with fresh stock.

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