Saturday, November 3, 2007

Backstock Sale

Well the $1.00 sale continues with more backstock issues flying out the door. It's become apparent these last two weeks that people still like the single issue format, and there are plenty of comics from the last decade or two they are interested in owning, if the price is right. When I first opened 20 years ago, it was still common to price most back issues below the price of a new comic. As the collector mentality took over, prices began to rise higher with the justification that labour, storage and protection(bags & boards) all factored in to the cost of the initial books. Many stores even began adding U.S. exchange to back issues(yeah I know I did it too). In effect, retailers were pricing themselves out of sales.

As I restock the empty bins over the next few weeks, the fresh stock will be priced to sell. Gone are the days of Overstreet plus 20% for NM. I'll instead be using the Comic Buyers Guide lists which are actual retail prices realized from stores across North America, and is a much fairer representation of what a comic can realistically sell for in todays market. I'm expecting that when I'm done about 90% of the comics in the bins will be priced at $3-4.00 and less. The effect should be that back issue bins will rotate stock on a more regular basis as comics sell quicker giving customers a reason to check through them more often.

I'm just finishing up a batch of Daredevils and I think most people will be surprised at the prices some of these great classic Miller issues are going for. By next weekend I should have a great run of Byrne era Fantastic Fours bagged and priced.
Remember the sale continues with all titles starting with M-R at a $1.00 each from Tues. Nov.6th-11th. And all S titles start on sale Nov. 13th.

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