Thursday, December 20, 2007

Boxing Week

Its that time of year again when all that's on everyones mind is"What's on sale".

First off, I will be closed on Tuesday-Christmas Day, and Wednesday-Boxing Day. Its the only time all year that I take two days off together. But I will be open at 11:00 on Thursday for the first of 4 days of sales. Each day will be a different door-crasher special.
The first 10 customers each day will be entitled to a special offer.
THURSDAY- A FREE copy of Hulk or Spiderman Encyclopedia.
FRIDAY - Any 2 Marvel Legends figures for $5.00 each
SATURDAY - DC Digest comics( J.L.U. Scooby-Doo and Titans) $2.00 each, Limit of 3
SUNDAY - Buy one-get-one Free Pokemon or Yu-GI-OH booster packs. Limit of 3
Not mentioned on the ad is that I will be doing a buy 2 get 1 free offer on all paperbacks and hardcovers on the shelves. As usual the lowest price of the 3 will be the Free book.

Remember that all RED TAG items, already priced ridiculously low, will be up to 50% off from Thursday-Sunday next week.
PLUS anyone stocking up on supplies will get a FREE comic box(small) with the purchase of 200 comic bags and boards.


chuck said...

The way the holidays work out this year, Bob, you'll have Monday to Wednesday off one week and Monday and Tuesday off the'll have so much free time you won't know what to do with it(hee!hee!hee!)...

Comics & More said...

Actually I'll be open this Monday for any last minute Christmas Eve shopping. Probably just until 4:00 or so depending on if its busy. As for the 2 days off in a row I'm hoping for at least 12 hours or so of uninterupted sleep. Maybe I'll finally kick this cold that's been hanging on about 2 weeks too long.

Trunkz Jr said...

Sorry if this is a little off, didn't know where to say this. Went to Indigo at the Eatons mall, and in the manga section on both sides of the shelfs it had your store business card on them, not sure if you guys put it there on purpose, but if so, TOTALLY awesome ha ha ha sticking it to the man! (good quality of card also and not the cheap paper stuff ^_^). Had to check out the site, i'll be making sure to check out your store when I come back to Toronto.

Comics & More said...

Thanks, one of my favourite customers designed my new cards for me(thanks Lee)though I'm not sure who left the cards there. I think one of my customers may be trying to drum up a little business for me. Its probably not a good idea though as I wouldn't appreciate someone advertising another store in my shop.

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