Friday, February 8, 2008


Its that time of year again when the weather(especially this week) has people huddling in their houses instead of out wandering the streets looking for things to add to the clutter at home. Just remember that reading is the perfect thing to kill some time and keep your mind off the snow.
To that effect I am constantly adding to the pile of sale items on the back table at the store.
Marvel has been clearing inventory at incredible prices lately and some more great stuff will be arriving next week(Wednesday Feb.13th). For example Iron Fist vol. 1 hardcover for $10.00 is a great deal and a fantastic series that a lot of people missed out on when it first started.
Or how about Stokers Dracula hardcover by Roy Thomas and Dick Giordano. A beautiful book concluding the stories from Dracula Lives. A great item at regular price but for $3.00 you can pick up a couple for friends to enjoy.
I've also recently decided to get out of the D&D market. The gaming section on the shelves here has been shrinking steadily as I ordered less and less each year, but I really need that space for regular comic paperbacks that I know I can sell. All D&D books and modules etc. are now priced 50% off American cover price. With 4th edition starting soon now is the time for 3rd edition hardcore fans to buy up cheap any pieces they may have passed on first time around due to price.

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