Friday, January 18, 2008


I can't believe I stopped last time before getting to the Starman Omnibus. Probably one of the finest comic series DC ever published is getting the deluxe hardcover treatment. Inside the new cover art by Tony Harris you will enjoy issues #0-16 with the rest following in the next 5 volumes. The series will be collected in its entirety including mini-series, one-shots and specials. Basically all Robinson's material on the Starman character and cast will be together in one set.

David Lapham returns to the monthly comic scene with a new Vertigo title, The Young Liars. Teen misfits on the run in a true action, adventure,suspense story with a mixture of guitars and guns. This looks to be the next big hit for Vertigo.

DC continues its new kids line with the addition of the Super Friends. In the same vein as the Tiny Titans coming in February, this is a bubble faced young readers title that should be popular with parents looking for something a little more safe to read with their little ones. All the most popular DC characters (and Aquaman) look likely to show up and the first issue features Amazo, so even the bad guys should be interesting.

IMAGE has been putting out some really original material lately, but I'm not sure if Dark Ivory qualifies. Joseph Michael Linsner (Dawn) brings us a mini-series about a teen goth who moves to the big city to pursue her dream of becoming a vampire. Will she succeed or just end up another statistic? At least the art will look nice.
Then again, original seems to be Jonathan Hickmans middle name. The creator of Nightly News and Pax Romana offers up something totally different with Transhuman. The story covers the discovery of superhuman genetic engineering in a mockumentary style.

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