Tuesday, April 15, 2008

DC Universe #0

Rich Johnston of Lying In The Gutters, had this to say about DC Universe issue #0.

"SPECULATION CORNER ITEM! “DC Universe" #0 is the epilogue to "Countdown To Infinite Crisis" and the cliffhanger into "Final Crisis." Despite being one of the more high profile books, sporting a very low fifty cent cover price and coming a week before Free Comic Book Day, I understand it may have been underordered. Smart stores have got shed loads. Less-than-smart stores may have ordered it like a regular comic book. Where do you shop?
This will be the biggest selling comic of the year."

Thanks Rich, I guess that counts me as one of the smart stores because I have ordered, as you put it "shed loads". Then again I remember when you were pushing New Avengers #31(Elektra the Skrull) as the best investment of its month, and believe me there's plenty of them lying around stinking up comic shops everywhere.

I think its odd that the DC site still has the old promo version of the cover up on their site despite the actual image being revealed a few weeks back. Chances are they may ship this comic with 2 covers. If so, I know which one will sell first.

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