Friday, May 2, 2008

FREE COMIC DAY is here at last.

Yes its true, the big day is finally here. The store will open at 10:00 tomorrow and start giving comics away to everyone who wants some. As in the past I will be limiting customers to their choice of 3 comics. This will help insure that their will be plenty to last the day.
Unfortunately it looks like the weather isn't going to go along with the rest of my plans. I usually try to set up some tables outside full of bargain stuff, cheap comics, posters and such to make the day a little more special and still keep it less crowded in the store itself. The day looks to be quite wet and chilly however, so everything will be confined to the store.
There will still be lots of Free Comics for everyone to choose from, and even some in-store specials. For example I've got a box or two full of great kids digests, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and a lot of the D.C. cartoon network stuff( Scooby-doo, Titans Go! etc.) for $3.00 a piece(thats over 50% off ).

I'm hoping the skies will be clearer, and the air a little warmer for Sunday, so I can put some 50cent comics out front.

PLUS, keep your eyes on this site for news of the big 21st anniversary sale coming up on JUNE 21st. Everything in the store will be available for 21cents,(I'm kidding) or am I???


Jessica said...

GAH I missed this!

Comics & More said...

Sorry to hear it. We were fairly busy all day even with the less than spectacular weather.If you can stop in the store I may be able to find a few freebies still kicking around.I donate most of the left-over comics to school fun days between now and the end of the school year. Check with community message boards or school calendars to see if any are taking place near you.

outburst said...

I made it. Thanks for the freebies. See you next year!

outburst said...

Actually, *correction* you'll see me before next year. But I'll be there for next year's FCBD too. ;)

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