Sunday, May 11, 2008


Well another Free Comic Day has come and gone, and I must say even with the less than perfect weather it was fairly steady traffic all day. Of course I completely forgot I had the camera ready behind the counter to grab shots as the day progressed. It wasn't until things quited down for a bit around 1:00 that I got snapping.
The majority of customers were parents with young ones who seemed thrilled at the prospect of getting something fun and readable into their kids hands. As usual I limited people to 3 comics each, mainly out of an effort to make sure the kids were really looking over the selections and thought about what they were taking.

No surprise that the most popular choices were Jughead and Sonic, but we also went through quite a few Owly,(a lot more pre-schoolers in the crowd this year). X-Men and Superman were nearly all gone by end of the day as well.

I spent the next few days trying to get the shop back in order, and sorting out leftover Free Comics into bundles for the various schools and libraries that put them to great use the rest of the year. The schools are especially happy to get giveaway items for their Fun Day events. Speaking of Fun Days, I will have a table or two at the Earl Haig event coming up Saturday May 24th and probably Wilkinson on the 31st. I'll be bringing more Free Comics (some from previous years) as well as lots of bargain books and maybe even some odds and ends(toys,games,etc.) that have been cluttering up my storage for too long.
Come out to these events and help support your local schools.

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