Friday, June 6, 2008

ANNIVERSARY SALE-the fine print

The Anniversary sale will have a few restrictions that should have been mentioned in the previous post. Card packs will be limited to 3 per person (thats 3 at full price + 3 for 21 cents each).
New comics and paperbacks from that weeks delivery will NOT be included in the sale. NO items held on reserve or placed on hold will be included in the sale.
A few wall books which are consignment items will be removed from the wall before sale day.
Thanks for your support and comments, and I hope to see a lot of you walking out with stacks of deals on SATURDAY JUNE 21st.


outburst said...

I hope to make it. Will your hours still be 11-6 on that day?

Comics & More said...

Actually I plan to open at 10:00 for the sale just to catch a few early birds.

outburst said...

That's perfect! I can show up early and get back before my wife has to leave for work... thanks!

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