Sunday, June 22, 2008

Anniversary Sale Wrap-up

I'd just like to thank everyone who came out for the 21st Anniversary Sale, and helped make it the biggest event I've ever held at the store. Despite the less than perfect weather, dozens of people snapped up over 1200 comics at only 21 cents a piece. Not to mention the hundreds of paperbacks and hardcovers that passed across the cash desk during the 8 hours of sale time. A lot of the folks who stopped in seemed totally stunned that they were indeed getting books, statues or toys, for only 21 cents. Most thanked me for the deal and offered their congratulations on the occasion.
I couldn't have done it,(this sale,or any of the events over the last 21 years) without the help of some great customers and friends like Kellie and Shawn,Danny,Glenn,Rob(Habib),Sean, Lee, and Chris. Some were there at the beginning and others came along more recently, but without them, the store would not have made it this long.
I hope you'll all be along for the next 21 years.


Dave said...

Just want to say I was amazed at some of the stuff I got. I just wish I had more money to spend and hope next year you will do this again plus best of luck for another 21 + years.

Peter said...

Just wanted to add my congratulations to you as well. 21 years is no easy feat. I haven't been around since the beginning but I guess I've been around for just over half (whenever you opened across the road as the Shining Knight), I remember coming in with my kids and having some cake and I occasionally dropped by until finally moving my reserve list there a number of years ago. I didn't get the Swamp Thing Tpb's I had hoped during your anniversary sale but I managed to find some other books to try out. If I had a bit more cash there were a few other books I would have bought. Again Congrats all around and here's to an unlimited run!

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