Friday, October 31, 2008

Backstock Sale

Hard to believe Halloween is here and gone already. Hopefully you all came out of it without a stomach ache or adding a few cavities.

With the end of 2008 already in sight its time for me to appeal to all you bargain hunters to help me clean out the basement here and grab some deals for yourself.

Starting Saturday November 15th, and ending November 30th, all backstock more than 4 months old will be on sale for 50% off.

Thats all backstock in the center bins of the store, and does not include any books from the back bin or wall books.

To encourage your spending, purchase over $100.00 worth and the discount jumps to 60%..

$200.00 and up gets you a massive 75% discount off our already great backstock prices. (Taxes are charged before discount).

To add to this already fantastic deal, I'll be holding my annual customer appreciation event during this period.

SATURDAY and SUNDAY November 22nd and 23rd, for every $10.00 you spend on anything in the store(including backstock books) you earn a buck off any RED TAG items.

I'll be filling the bargain tables at the front and back of the store with all kinds of crazy sale priced books and goodies, which will be even cheaper when you add in the bonus bucks you earn from anything else you buy those days.

Just think of the potential savings.

Pick out $200.00 in backstock, and you pay only$50.00.

That $50.00 now earns you $5.00 off any RED TAG sale item in the store. That's a potential 85% off backstock.

You can see I'm serious here about moving this product, mainly because I have plans for some remodeling as the year ends that will give me more room for paperbacks and games.

So come on in and pick up some great bargains, save yourself a ton of cash and help me get the store ready for the reno so I can fill the store to capacity with even more of the stuff we all love.

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