Monday, October 27, 2008


I'm sure it comes as no news to anyone that the Canadian dollar has taken a huge hit the last few weeks. I hate to do it, but beginning with this weeks comics I'll be adding aprox. a 20% exchange to all "new" comics and paperbacks. That's all books on the far back rack where the new releases are set up every Wednesday. Regular issue comics priced at $2.99 U.S. will be $3.50 and $3.99 will come to $4.75.
Paperbacks and hardcovers will have their new prices stickered on.


warpd_13 said...

It's a tough call, what with the exchange rate changing so much. One day it is less than $0.80 and the next it is back up to over $0.85 so what are you to do. Makes trying to budget hard because you're never sure what you're going to pay. Some books have gone back to listing U.S. and Canadian prices, although their $3.99 cover is listed as $4.50 CDN, so it only adds to the confusion. I will definitely have to consider the new cost when ordering from previews especially since some imprints want $3.99 U.S. a book now and I am sorry but almost $5.00 (with tax) a book is starting to get to be too much. Not to mention what it will do to my Hardcover purchases. Last month I order three Marvel Masterworks alone and now this exchange rate thing will increase the cost after the fact, not to mention all the other hardcovers and tpb's I've order the last couple of months. You order based on the going rate, books at U.S. cover, only to get caught out by the changing rates. Like I said nothing you as a retailer can do about it but it will mean a tighter budget for new books.

Comics & More said...

I know, it's going to be tough adjusting to new rates. I hate to have to add it, but I have some ideas in mind I hope will help soften it a little. I plan on bringing back the discount cards I was using last year(the ones that gave you regular monthly bonuses like a free paperback or free comic box, etc.)I've also toyed with the idea of a rewards system that would give you points based on purchases that could be redeemed for goods.
Hopefully the dollar will level off at some point so at least we can settle down and know what we'll be paying for our books when we order them.

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