Sunday, December 28, 2008


Well Christmas has come and gone, I hope everyone got what they wanted. Things went well here and the Boxing Day sale was a lot better attended than I expected.

I just want to mention once again that NEW comics will arrive on Wednesday DEC. 31st as usual. Due to it being New Years Eve, I will be opening an hour early (10:00 a.m.)but closing at 6:00. And I'll be CLOSED on Thursday for New Years Day.

Here's a look at some of the books you'll see on the shelves.

Justice League is the second part of the story introducing the Milestone characters to the DC Universe. Green Lantern continues the story from the Rage of the Red Lanterns as they speed toward the Blackest Night. Justice Society wraps up the Kingdom story with some interior painted pages from Alex Ross.

Captain America #45 is actually a new issue despite the fact the cover looks so familiar.

I guess some genius thought it was clever to do this 3-parter with nearly identical covers to tie them together as an arc. NOT realizing how many people actually "judge a book by its cover". Despite the solid sales of this title since the death of cap story, my sales slipped on the second part. I'm assuming due to the fact that a few people mistakingly thought they'd already bought this one.

Final Crisis Secret Files will try to help people catch up to date on just what's been going on so far. It should be a typical Secret Files format with a couple short stories and the rest encyclopedia style pages featuring characters vital to the story.

Check the website or on-line store for a full list of what will be on the shelves at 10:00 Wednesday morning. And please resist posting comments and spoilers on the web as many fans across Canada and the States will not be getting their books until Friday.

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