Friday, January 9, 2009

Obama comic

Its probably no big surprise that I've gotten a load of calls this week for the Amazing Spider-Man #583 arriving next Wednesday.What is also not surprising is that the majority of callers have no idea how the comic industry works. This book was ordered some months ago, and roughly 2 weeks ago the final print and shipping orders were finalized. To guarantee getting a copy of this book, a person would have to ask me for a copy 2 WEEKS ago. When questioned "why didn't you just order a ton", well I have to try and get across to these people(without sounding like I've already explained this a dozen times in the last hour), I have to pay for every comic I order. I have a set budget for my orders each month. Taking a chance on ordering extras of one thing, means I have to cut back on something else I already have on order.
This, by the way is the comic I ordered.

Based on this cover image, would you have wanted it?
The cover that is being shown in the news articles is a variant issue that was only orderable after meeting a pre-set order quantity that was established by Marvel based on some arbitrary set of what they think I should order based on sales of previous comics that have nothing to do with this one.(Trust me, it is at least as confusing as I make it sound).
To make a long story short(I know too late right), I have enough copies of Spider-Man #583 arriving next Wednesday to fill requests for everyone that wanted this comic before the media made a big deal out of it.
Standing in line outside the store waiting for me to open next Wednesday will probably not do anyone any good.
I can only suggest that if you desperately need a copy of this comic that you wait for the arrival of the 2nd print issues that will show up in a few weeks, and don't pay some outrageous marked up price for a comic that no one will care about a few months from now.

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