Friday, May 29, 2009


BATMAN and ROBIN #1.... Morrison and Quitely.... Still not sure how they expect to get this out regularly, but damn I got a lot of pre-orders on this one. The only problem is people keep referring to it as All-Star Batman and Robin.

Its not an all-star title. This Batman and Robin continues from Morrisons run on the regular Batman title and takes place after the events of Battle for the Cowl. It's in continuity,(an even bigger problem for a book that will have trouble shipping regularly).

Oh yeah, and there's some others comics this week too.

Punisher Naked Kill sounds like a neat One-shot special, as Frank has to take out a building full of bad guys with nothing but supplies?

And Ultimate Spider-Man (along with the rest of the Ultimate universe) comes to an end. It was a great run, but don't worry, the whole Ultimates world restarts in a few months after some Requiem(i.e rehash) issues.


WARNING! The Buffy comic this week has no actual Buffy content that I am aware of. This is a Tales of the Vampires One-shot special. Still looks nice, but I'm really worried about regulars grabbing this one up and wondering whats going on when they get it home and read it.

For more vampire action, check out the Captain Britain Annual. Megan fights her way back from hell just in time to help against Dracula's conquest of England. This extra-size issue will also go some ways to explaining the magic of the Marvel Universe England.
I'm going to miss this title a lot more than Ultimate Spidy.
Lots more stuff coming next week. Check it all out at

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