Monday, May 25, 2009


Dark Horse Comics first hit the big time back in the '90s with Aliens #1, time to try it again.

If the Free Comic Day entry was any sign, it should do well.

DC gives us another Final Crisis Aftermath, Ink #1, this time centered on the new Tatooed Man who came to Black Lightning's rescue in Final Crisis. This was probably one of the best Final Crisis One-shots , so I'm looking forward to this one.

Is Batman Alive? Read the Gotham Gazette #1 to find out.(I'm betting its just Dick).

The Hood seemed like just a petty crook with a gimmick, until Bendis got his hands on him. Dark Reign Hood #1 could actually be interesting to see what he has in mind for him. (Don't confuse it with Muppet Robin Hood also out this week,they're very similiar books :))

(Hey when I put a smiley face in a bracket it looks like I have 2 chins! Oh yeah, never mind.)

Last Days of Animal Man seems to be set in the future, and the title gives us all the description we need. I remember when the original Animal Man series first started, and was amazed at the number of Marvel regulars who picked it up. Might have just been the Bolland covers though. Good thing Bolland is doing the covers again.
Check out the shipping list at the on-line store for the rest of this weeks books.

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