Monday, June 29, 2009


Due to the holiday Wednesday, new comics will not arrive until Thursday this week. Along with the excellent new Vertigo hrdcvr THE NOBODY, by the talented Jeff Lemire, here's some other
stuff to look forward to.

The Batman Reborn launch has been a huge success with every one of the first issues selling out almost instantly. The first was the Batman and Robin series by Morrison and Quitely, and issue 2 ships this week. I'm still a little worried about how well the non-Morrison issues will sell, but there's still a month(or more) before we have to worry.

Speaking of Reborn, Captain America Reborn #1 arrives Thursday as well. To be honest the whole Quesada news release thing fell pretty flat, but there could be some unexpected sales to the general public because of it.

Mostly I still expect it to sell out with all the regular Cap buyers picking it up, with a few curious lapsed readers and anniversary issue collectors to snap up whats left.

Deadpool gets a 2nd regular comic starting this week, with the unwieldy title of Deadpool Merc with a Mouth. Well technically there's 2 mouths involved, as Deadpool gets his hands on the severed head of his zombie counterpart.
I know he has a movie coming out next year, and his regular series is selling great, but Marvel really has to learn that spinning off characters into multiple titles just results in lower sales all around.
A while back, DC comics came up with the idea of re-releasing the first issue of popular long running titles for a dollar. A nice cheap way of introducing people to some of the great books they've put out over the years, with an eye to leading into paperback sales.
At the same time, the Vertigo division of DC has been starting off new mature titles with dollar issues to encourage you to try out new stuff.
A great idea that I support enthusiastically, it really paid off with Unwritten #1, as I sold roughly 10 times my normal numbers for a Vertigo first issue.
The only problem is when schedules run together and we end up getting 3 of these specials all in the same shipment. Not really a big problem, because as I said, they are only $1.00 each. It would just be a lot easier for me to promote them to full advantage if they would show up a week or so apart.
Greek Street #1 boasts a modern retelling of classic Greek tales full of murder, incest, oracles, Kings and Gods. Peter Milligan excells at this kind of thing and its about time he came back with a new Vertigo title. I just wish the previews they ran in the comics recently gave us a better look at the actual story rather than just bio type stuff on the characters.
The 2 reprints are Y-the Last Man and Green Lantern Rebirth. The latter is obvious as the Green Lantern Blackest Night event starts off this month, and the Y #1 is probably meant to promote the deluxe hardcover collections.
To see what else is coming, check the on-line store
and don't forget that artist/writer Jeff Lemire will be in-store from 4-6 on Thursday to personally sign copies of his book. This is an advance signing as regular shipping of the book won't be for another week, and copies are limited. If you haven't already spoken to me about reserving a copy, phone or e-mail me quick. The on-line store orders at this point are set for July 8th delivery.

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