Saturday, July 4, 2009


Back to Wednesday delivery this week, with a lot smaller delivery, but still some choice books.
The big book of the week,(and it is big, 4 times the size of a standard comic), is the newest entry in DC's weekly comics. Aptly named Wednesday comics, it's meant as an homage to the old tabloid sized newspaper comics strips that used to come with your paper every Sunday.
Each issue unfolds to a massive 14"x20", with each of the 16 pages featuring a different strip by an all-star line-up of talent.
Where else will you ever get the likes of Kyle Baker, Walt Simonson,Brian Azzarello,Amanda Conner, and Neil Gaiman, along with dozens more, all in 1 comic.
The Superman image on the cover is practically screaming, BUY THIS COMIC!!!
DC also gives us 2 more great buck books this week as they reprint All-Star Superman #1 and Tom Strong #1. Both are great choices, and most of you will already have them, but pick up a few and pass them on to friends or co-workers. It'll be the best couple bucks you ever spent.

The Dark Reign X-Men story continues as we get to see Normans "evil" version of the mutant team. I've really been impressed with the whole Dark Reign thing so far. It's mostly been the complete opposite of the traditional Marvel mega-event. You know the type where its basically 6-7 issues of heroes fighting heroes in senseless battles that amount to nothing in the end.
But the dark Reign stuff has been a little more character oriented so far as we see the logic behind the villians and the lengths they'll go to in an effort to screw each other over.

100 Bullets vol. 13 finally arrives, and completes the epic 100 issue run of one of Vertigos finest series. And I get some shelf copies of The Nobody to sell. After replacing the advance copies Jeff generously volunteered for the signing last Thursday, I should have a half dozen or so on the racks.
Almost forgot to mention Green Lantern #43, the opening chapter of the Blackest Night event. The first of the Black Lanterns is "born".

Great week all around, check out the rest or reserve your copies at,

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