Saturday, June 6, 2009


WOW! I have to wonder if Quesada, is a little miffed at DC after seeing Batman and Robin ship this week with the title "Batman Reborn" on the cover, what with all the hype Marvel is trying to stir up for their "Cap Reborn" in July.

Well the Rebirth of the Bat franchise continues next week with 2 titles.
The "new" title Red Robin, which will more than likely be Tim in the costume(now that Damian is playing Robin).
Also, the regular on-going Batman title will apparently pick right up from the end of Battle for the Cowl, as Dick takes up the mantle of the bat. Still not sure if DC actually plans to put out 2 Batman comics each month featuring the same guy in the suit, one written by Morrison and the other by Judd Winick. Just seems to me like one of those is going to sell a crap load better than the other unless the Winick one has some other hook to it.

DC also starts a six issue mini next week featuring the JSA VS. the new Kobra. I never really thought of Kobra as a JSA villain, but it sounds like DC wants to push them as the new powerhouse baddies of the DCU.
X-Men Forever #1 will be here as well, but not a lot of them. Seems to me like Claremont has just about lost any fans he ever had(I sold a total of 1 copy of Genext United #1 ), but then again this is the main team, so it might do better.
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