Friday, June 12, 2009


Well it should be a busy Wednesday, if the big Marvel press statement goes well on Monday. If you haven't heard, Marvel will make a huge announcement regarding Capt. America and the Reborn series coming in July. Capt.America #600 will arrive on Wednesday, and Marvel is expecting it to sell out instantly. Regular customers are encouraged to pre-order, just in case the investors come flying out to scoop them all up.
Rumours of the big announcement include the return of Steve Rogers, and Will Smith to play the title role in the upcoming Captain America movie. If the latter is true, basically they would be reviving the Isaiah Bradley character from the Truth mini-series from a few years back.

New #1's include, Batman Streets of Gotham #1 which will feature the cast of Gotham, reacting to the new Batman. Paul Dini excels at characterization, so this one should be good. Also features a back-up story of Manhunter.

Dark Reign Mister Negative will expand on the new Spider-man villain.

Not technically new, but Ultimate Spider-man Requiem is a 2 part wrap up to the long running series,mostly highlight type stuff with some unused Bagley art to help it sell. The second issue will probably lead in to the new Ultimate Comics Spider-man, coming in August.

And DC finally bows to fan pressure and gets the excellent Hitman series back in print. I'm not sure what took so long, but I have a backlog of pre-orders for this one.
If you've never read Hitman, just let me say this is Garth Ennis at his best.
Solidly set in the DC Universe and yet very much an original character. Some of the humour of this series made it to Ennis run on the Punisher, but nothing has ever matched the wackiness of "Zombie Night at the Aquarium"
and don't even get me started on Six-Pack.

Lots more great stuff coming in, so check it out at

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