Saturday, June 20, 2009


Well its one of those weeks again when Marvel decides to ship every book possible on the same day. Part of it is trying to clear up their schedules before a major holiday, but part of it is just sheer stupidity. How do they expect less noteworthy titles like Dark Reign Lethal Legion to sell on the same week when 12 X-Men titles and 5 Avengers books are shipping? And 1 of those books is the first part of the high profile Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men crossover event. Considering the limited space I have for racking new issues every Wednesday, a lot of smaller press titles like the IDW and Dynamite books may not even get put out. It's going to be hard enough to find room for stuff like the latest Freddy/Jason/Ash crossover or the relaunch of Predator or even the next volume of Jill Thompsons excellent Magic Trixie series.

Despite the massive Marvel output, the 2 books I'm most looking forward to, are Detective #854, and Gotham City Sirens #1. Both are part of the new Batman relaunches with Detective featuring the debut of the long-awaited Batwoman by Greg Rucka. First announced way back during her appearances in 52, Kathy Kane finally gets the spotlight, and some gorgeous artwork by JH Williams III makes it worth the wait. Throw in a back-up story of the new Question(also by Rucka) and you get a winning combo that will sell quickly even at the $4.00 price(at least DC gives an extra 10 pages for the buck hike).
Gotham City Sirens is another delayed title, as Paul Dini set up the story more than a year ago during Countdown (probably the only readable part of that series). The femme fatales Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are joined by Catwoman. The solicit basically says the girls have a new agenda all their own. Not sure what it means, but I assume Dini has something good in mind.
All told, maybe its a good thing I'm holding my 22nd anniversary sale next week. Considering the massive pile of comics awaiting some of you, getting a 22% discount could help you pick up a few more than you normally would, and even take a chance on some of the new titles coming in.

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