Monday, June 15, 2009

CAP #600

Well I have to say I am really unimpressed with the huge news announcement Marvel had set up for this morning. Basically Captain America will be back from the dead( or from the sounds of it, was never actually dead).

Not exactly the huge media event Joe Q was hyping. I can't really see anyone outside the regular comic readership running for the store to snap up a copy.

Most likely they just needed to get some advance press laid for upcoming news for the Captain America movie.

I do think it will be a good read, as I can't see it being something Brubaker didn't have planned in advance. But I've been enjoying the regular series so much since Steve's "death" and felt there was still a lot of potential stories for Bucky Cap. Then again, with the Reborn series running 5 issues, supposedly all drawn by Hitch, we might not see the Steve Cap back in his own title until next July.

(Is it just me, or is that an ugly cover)

Did any fans out there feel the need to rush out and pick up a copy today? Did you do it for the hype of the story, or just to be able to brag you got it before your friends?

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