Friday, July 17, 2009


A nice balanced week this time around with a good mix of stuff. No big first issue really but the anniversary issues make up for it.

Both Hulk and Amazing Spider-Man hit the big 600 at the same time, which seems strange when you figure how much earlier Spidy started and the fact that he's been shipping 3 times a month for the last year or so. Multiple covers for both of these should help them sell brisk even with the hefty price tags. The Spider-Man is over 100 pages though, and NO reprint material. Thats a heck of a deal for under $6.00, plus a new story by Stan the man himself.
The Hulk #600 is not as good a deal with a Savage She-Hulk back-up and a reprint of Jeph Loeb's Hulk Gray #1 included. Still, it features Spidy trying to track down the mystery identity of the Red Hulk.

Also this week is another of Vertigo's great buck book reprints. This time its
100 Bullets #1, which will include previews of the new Vertigo hardcover crime library. These books will be smaller sized(roughly paperback novel)
and in black and white. Of the first 2 volumes, one is a new Constantine murder mystery and the other is a story by Brian Azzarello about an ex-football star who finds himself drawn into the underworld of sex, drugs and rock and roll, while playing the part of lapdog to a spoiled rich girl.

Another Halo min-series comes our way, and I have to hope that with Peter David scripting this time, the book may actually finish in under 3 years.

Also in the better late than never department, we finally see the last issue of the Final Crisis Legion of 3 Worlds mini. Granted its only a half year late, but considering it ties into the relaunch of the new Adventure Comics and the return of Superboy
it'll be a welcome read.
Check out the on-line store for the rest of the weeks offerings, including the new (now in colour) Lenore vol.2 #1.
Also a couple of $1.00 paperback specials available to on-line orders only, for a limited time.

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