Sunday, July 12, 2009


Well it looks like DC has the first big hit of 2009 with Wednesday comics. Despite placing a huge order(about double Dark X-Men numbers), I was totally sold out here by about 4:00 on Wednesday. A quick re-order has confirmed that more copies are on the way(probably on the 22nd) so if you missed out don't worry, you'll just have to hold on to an issue #2,#3 until you can read them all together.

Speaking of which, due to the nature of a weekly comic shipping schedule, it could well be issue 3or4 before stores are adequately supplied with Wednesday Comics. If you picked up the #1 and want to make sure to get the second issue on the 15th, put in an order with the store before Tuesday at 6:00. An on-line order gets filled faster but even an e-mail or phone call is better than just hoping there'll still be some on the shelf when you get here.

Wednesday Comics #1 sold even faster than Green Lantern #43, which is a direct lead in to the Blackest Night #1 arriving this week. This event looks to be story of the summer with even the tie-in comics being pre-ordered heavily. Just which heroes and villains will rise from the dead to fight on the side of the Black Lanterns? G.L. #43 gave us some hints as Black Hand runs down a mental list of the fallen from recent stories. P.S. don't forget to ask for your free Black Lantern ring with issue #1.

A couple more of the buck issue specials arrive on the 15th, the Batman #608 is the first issue of the excellent Hush storyline by Jim Lee and Jeff Loeb. If you haven't read the two volume set, it is a great read as well as beautifully illustrated.

Of more note is the Fables #1 Special. More than just the first issue of the amazing fantasy series, this reprint will include sample work from the Peter and Max hardcover coming in October. This book is a new Fables story done in hardcover as an illustrated novel (not a graphic novel). Its a little different from your standard comic stuff, but looks to be a fantastic story. Orders will be a lot lower on this than regular Fables comics, so anyone interested should grab a copy of this preview and let me know if its something you want to pre-order.

Peter Davids Fallen Angel series restarts after a short break with a special guest star. Illyria, from Joss Whedon's Angel series arrives in Bette Noir, but for a team-up, or a knock-down fight?

I also want to mention 2 great collections arriving. Preacher, Garth Ennis' irreverent story of a backwoods preacher who gains the "word of God", is given the deluxe hardcover treatment. Dark humour at its finest, this one isn't for everyone, but it is certainly one of my all-time favourites.
If you haven't given Madame Xanadu a try yet, do yourself a favour and pick up the first paperback. It's not only an amazing deal with a whopping 10 issues for under $17.00, but it is a great introduction to a classic character that has been a part of the DC universe for over 2 decades (mostly behind the scenes). Matt Wagner blends fantasy, history and mystery beautifully, and gives us a look at how this enchanting mystic has influenced the DC universe from its earliest days. All this and the Phantom Stranger (another DC mystery staple) too.

Check out the on-line store for these and the other great books coming next week.

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