Friday, July 24, 2009


WOW! July is really going out with a wimper.

Not a bad week overall with some great reading from both the majors and smaller publishers, but not a heck of a lot to shout about. I can usually fill up a nice sized post just talking up the new first issues, but not this time.

Sure theres the Kid Colt one-shot from Marvel, and another Muppet Show mini-series kicks off, but there seems to be more series wrapping up than beginning. And the Dark Reign Goblin Legacy is basically a disguised reprint cashing in on the dark Reign event.

The 3rd and final issue of Blackest Night Tales of the Corps(the titles take longer to read than the book sometimes) arrives. This has been a great little introduction to the new colour cast added to the Lantern mythos, and reads well on its own but adds mostly to the reading experience of the Blackest Night title. Probably why the three issues shipped weekly to fit between issue 1 and 2 of the main book.

Marvel Zombies wraps up their 4th mini, but the story continues in the main Marvel Universe as Deadpool is already teaming up with his Zombie counterpart(at least his head) in the Deadpool Merc with a Mouth series.
The Millar Fantastic Four run wraps up with the finale of the Doom's master story. There was a lot of hype on this book when first announced, and despite some pretty solid sales, it never really felt like anything special. Heck the last issue doesn't even have any Hitch art other than the cover(although I love Stuart Immonen's stuff).
Ultimatum finally brings to a close the Ultimate Universe. Or at least that was the original story. Of course now we know that it continues with at least 3 titles restarting soon.

In fact, the Ultimate Spider-Man story seems to pick up right where it left off(if you ignore the devestation in the background).
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