Saturday, August 1, 2009


Pretty decent week coming up with a fair number of first issues.

First off are 2 new titles by one of my favourite writers, Christos Gage. I know he's not one of the big names, and most people are saying"huh" right about now, due to the fact he's never been on a regular title, at least for long. He has done work for pretty much every publisher and a few of these House of M minis though, as well as a run of Wildstorm issues, and always delivers a solid story with well paced action.

His new Avataar series is Absolution, set in one of those "if powers existed in the real world" type stories. The lead character is a powered police officer who crosses the line. As a writer for TV crime shows such as Law and Order, you can expect Gage will deliver a believable story here.

Speaking of powers crossing the line, Mark Waid's Irredeemable has been selling out since the first issue. If you've missed it, here's you chance to jump in as the first collection arrives at the bargain price of $10.99. Plus if you like what you see, issue #5 arrives for only a buck.
Jason Aaron has been pulling in new readers on Ghost Rider for months now, and it looks like Marvel has decided to give new readers a fresh start by cancelling the regular book and restarting it as a series of mini-series. Its a dumb stunt that could end up losing the momentum the title has built. Then again this could be a great little story for people who've been avoiding jumping into a title mid-stream. With both Ghost Riders and Hellstorm thrown in for a little extra "fire" power, saving the Anti-Christ should be a cinch.

Doom Patrol gets yet another relaunch. This book has had what seems like a dozen incarnations over the years, with its last relaunch just a few years ago. This time they have 2 things going for them though, and that's Keith Giffen and the Metal Men. The Metal Men are another quirky group that's had their fair share of restarts, but if anyone can make these two teams work, it's Giffen. It only helps that he has two great artists to work with as well. Mathew Clark draws some beautiful super people and delivers some of his best on Doom Patrol, and Maguire is the perfect fit for the Metal Men.

J. Micheal Straczynski starts his relaunch of the Red Circle(Archie) characters with the Hangman. Others to follow will include the Shield and the Fly. A few have already been popping up in the backgrounds and crowd scenes of some regular DC titles the last few months, but these one-shots will be the official intro-origins of the nearly forgotten super-heroes.

Captain America is still lost in time in the 2nd issue of Reborn. Sales on the first issue were actually a tad stronger than I was expecting and continues to sell well off the shelf a month later. Lets see how the hype of the first issue stands up, the killing Hitler cover can't hurt.
And to all those parents who thought they were done with Bone when the final volume shipped earlier this year, here's the Rose solo story done in the same format as the rest of the series.
The gorgeous artwork by Charles Vess makes it worth every penny.
Lots more coming , check out the on-line store for the rest.

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