Monday, August 31, 2009

Convention Wrap and thank-yous

This years Fanexpo went extremely well. If I've heard correctly, Fridays attendance was up something like 60% over last year, and thats easy to believe from the crowds packing the floors shortly after opening . A lot of fun and innovative costumes were on parade as usual.
The mood was good among retailers and fans alike and a lot of product moved throughout the weekend. I was happy to see a lot of familiar faces in the crowd, both regular customers from the store and people I only see a few times a year(mostly at the cons).
I really need to thank my usual group of helpers and employees who all ensured things ran fairly smooth through the weekend, without too much interruption of regular store business.
Kellie, Rob, Danny and Glenn, have been helping keep things running with conventions and in-store events for a few years now, with very little or no pay. Behind the scenes are even more people like Sean, Chuck, Shawn, or even Al, who kick in some help when needed.
All of them put up with a lot of work and stress(mostly putting up with me) and I would like to publicly thank them for all their help.
Staying in business for over 20 years would not be possible without these people and all the great customers who stop in week after week to fill their funnybook habit.
As a special thank-you to my customers, each weekend through September, I will be having spotlight sales on select product.
SEPTEMBER 5th-6th DC ARCHIVES and MARVEL MASTERWORKS will be bargain priced at $30.00 each or 4/$100.00.
ONLY RED TAG volumes will be included in the sale and will be
displayed on the front and back tables of the store.
Look here next Monday for the following weekend sale item.

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jhg said...

I was happy to find your booth at the show and picked up a few archives. I'm looking forward to dropping by the store soon!

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