Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Just reminding everyone to come on down to the Toronto Fanexpo at the Metro Convention Center this weekend and check out the all new Comics & More booth.

Gotta give a big thank-you to little brother ED, for the last minute design work and invaluable help getting this thing set-up(at least on paper).

Aside from our usual great paperback and hardcover book bargains, we will also have a fair selection of manga, as well as some Marvel and DC lead collectors figures(the British ones that come with the magazine).

The biggest ticket items in the booth will be part of a collection I'm helping a friend sell.

I will have on display, a run of Amazing Spider-Man #'s 1-20, and a few other higher issues.

These books aren't CGC rated and some are in less than perfect condition, but all are at least good or better condition.

Stop by and take a look at this great little collection before the serious buyers break it up.


Dave said...

Just curiuos I was hoping to stop by the store on the 27th and noticed the closed sign was facing outwards. Was this a last minute decision to close early or did someone screwup and turn it early. It was just after 6pm and I was a little miffed I do not live in area and took me over a hour to get there.

Comics & More said...

Sorry about that Dave. I usually try to adhere pretty strictly to my store hours so as not to inconvenience anyone. The early closing was a last minute thing due to my mis-scheduling my staff to help set-up at the FanExpo.
Please stop by again soon and I'll try to make it up to you.

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