Saturday, September 26, 2009


Due to the fact that there is 5 Wednesdays in September, this weeks list looks a little thin. Don't get me wrong, there's still a lot of good stuff coming in. Green Lantern continues the Blackest Night storyline, probably one of the best selling events DC has run in years. A new issue of Thor, better late than never. And of course 3-4 X-Men books.

Not much new in the first issue department however.

Astro City starts a 2-parter based on the youngest member of the First Family(Busieks version of the Fantastic Four), Astra is all growed up now and graduating from college.

The Justice League 80-page giant seems like a blast from the past, a massive story where the team splits up into pairs to fight various bad guys in different time eras.

Speaking of blast from the past, Spider-Man gets back in touch with his other self in the Spider-Man Clone Saga. Sounds from the description like Marvel has come up with a way to retell the story from a different perspective which I'm guessing will allow the return of the clone to current storylines. I have always said that the clone story wasn't a bad idea, it was the stupidity of trying to convince the readers that the clone was the real Peter and the character we had all been reading for 20 years was actually a clone. All in an attempt to un-marry Peter and Mary Jane.
Well the marriage thing isn't an issue any more so welcome back the clone everyone.

It might be a good thing the shelves will be a little light next week as a couple of high profile collections come out.

Buffy Season 8 volume 5 arrives, and will sell even quicker than usual, judging by all the regulars who have decided to switch over to the books and save the trouble of stopping in once a month for the floppies.

Fables finally gets the hardcover treatment as DC /Vertigo starts to collect the on-going series in a set of deluxe books, each one collecting 2 of the regular paperbacks.

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