Monday, September 21, 2009


Marvel finally gets around to finishing the Old Man Logan storyline started in Wolverine almost a year ago. Originally meant to appear in issue 75 of the regular title it is now an over-size Special, boasting pin-ups and a cover gallery to justify the $5.00 cover price. I bet there are still fans out there, confused over the whole renumbering thing thinking they just missed out on the last part somehow and have been searching for this"missing" issue for months now. Looks like it'll be a slam-bang action issue featuring one of the classics, HulkVS.Wolverine.

Another "late" book is arriving this week as well. Spider-Woman #1 was originally listed to arrive on April 1st, and when a few weeks went by with no sight of the thing, I just assumed it was some lame April Fool's joke. But here it is at last, although the impact of her adjusting to life after the Skrull invasion will be a little diminished since most of us have forgotten all that by now. And hey, she's an agent of S.W.O.R.D now, rather than S.H.I.E.L.D., so I guess that will be an important plot point.

X-Men and Dark Reign titles take up some space on the shipping list this week. Speaking of lists, Osborn turns his eye to the X-Men in this weeks List issue. If you've been missing these, its because they are selling even better than I expected. The Avengers issue of the List was a no-brainer, but the Daredevil issue last week even surprised me as it not only stood as a Dark Reign event issue, but was a solid set-up to the new Daredevil storyline starting in issue #501. I'm expecting The List-X-Men to sell out quick this week as it continues directly from the Dark Avenger/Uncanny X-Men crossover, Utopia. Dark X-Men Confession will move quick as well as fans want to "listen" in as Emma brings Scott up to date on the whole Cabal thing she's been involved in all these months.

Secret Origin is an odd title for the Superman mini-series launching this week. I'm sure there won't be any real surprises involved as Geoff Johns spells out the current "definitive" origin of the man of steel. Most of it will be basically tying together events from the last year of Superman and Action issues with developments from Final Crisis and the Legion. Still it looks like it will be a good solid read and Gary Frank's art is easy on the eyes.

Finally, you know Halloween is close when the Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror Special arrives. This years effort,#15, promises to deliver the same edgy, indy style artwork and bad taste that every one of the previous issues had. Still, I can't help but wonder what kids actually see in these things as they are clearly intended for a more mature, well-seasoned reader.

A lot of Marvels titles will feature Super-Hero Squad related variant covers this month. 3-4 arrive this week. While these won't be included in the sale, I will be putting out quite a few other variants comics that have built up over the last year, some may look familiar while others not so much. The sale will not start until FRIDAY, but you can see the books that will be included in the sale as I start loading up the walls of the store Wednesday morning. REMEMBER, only RED TAG comics on the wall will be 50% off, no books will be put aside or saved, or sold at a discount prior to FRIDAY morning Sept. 25th.

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