Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I can't believe I didn't find time to talk about the first issue of Sweet Tooth arriving today. Part of Vertigo's buck book promotion, I still would have sold a load of these at a regular $3.00 price, but for a dollar, no one has an excuse to pass on this one.
The only problem I have is that most of my copies have writing on the front of them...OH WAIT! that's Jeff Lemire's autograph.
Jeff was nice enough to spend a few minutes of his time this morning to personally sign a few dozen copies.
If you can't make it in today E-mail me and let me know if you'd like a signed copy saved for you.


Peter said...

I was lucky enough to have your wife (I don't know her name, sorry) let me know about the signed copies when I picked up my books Wednesday. Thanks for everything!

Comics & More said...

No problem Peter. However,the woman you're thinking of is Kellie, and while invaluable to me here at the store, is not my wife.(an understandable mistake, they way we bicker in the store sometimes).
Kellie and her husband Shawn were 2of my first customers 22 years ago,and I can honestly say Comics & More would not exist today without their help (and friendship) all these years.

Peter said...

oops, my bad. I guess I did misread the in-store banter. My apologies to Kellie and her husband Shawn. It is good that you have such supportive customer's that become friends and co-workers. That, to me, is what a local comic store is. Anyhow she thankfully replaced my pulled copy with a signed copy.

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