Friday, September 4, 2009


Well with all the excitement of last weeks convention over, it'll be nice to sit back and enjoy a nice quite week of new comics.
Wait! What do you mean school starts back next Tuesday?
Well lets hope there's some comic fans mixed in with this years crop of delinquents.
Nice mixed week with some good regular titles and not too many first issues to clog the shelves.

The big #1 this time around is Dark Reign the List-Avengers. This is the first of the one-shots where Norman Osborn starts hunting down the heroes who've been the biggest thorns in his side since his rise to power. I have to admit, that I've been enjoying the Dark Reign stuff, and can't
wait to see how it all ends.

DC's answer to Captain America, The Shield, gets a regular series, with a back-up of The Inferno.
Hopefully these characters will integrate into the DC system without clogging up an already hero heavy roster. Marvel decides to add to its flag waving heroes by re-introducing the female Bucky character from the Heroes Reborn universe. I trust Brubaker has firm plans for her.

Marvel brings out some even older characters when putting together Models Inc. Millie and Chili the models had their own titles back in the '50's and early 60's, before the underwear crowd started monopolizing everything. Patsy Walker is a little more familiar to most of us in her "hero" identity of Hellcat.

The Marvel Super-Hero Squad may look familiar, because the logo shows up on the front corner of almost every Marvel comic this month. Not really appropriate in some cases, but you can't fault Marvel for trying to upsell a new Kid-friendly comic. Besides, they're the kind of cutesy characters that Marvels new owners must love.
Speaking of Kid-friendly, the 2nd volume of Amulet finally arrives, to the shrieks of school age children everywhere. If your kids loved Bone and Harry Potter, do yourself a favour and get them a copy of Amulet, chances are they have already been bugging you for it.


Peter said...

The List stuff sound interesting and I was tempted to have you save me all the Cho variants but then I figured you've probably already have a buyer waiting for them and it doesn't really make sense to buy these when I haven't followed the whole story anyway. I mean who buys comics just for the cover, right?! ;-P

Comics & More said...

Actually Peter, I have quite a few customers who could be considered more art collectors than readers, and buy only certain comics featuring their favourite artists.
I feel sorry for them in this case however because the Cho variant is ridiculously limited.
Maybe they'll be part of the inevitable hardcover collection when the story ends.

Anonymous said...

Can you clarify if I want to e-mail the store what is the proper e-mail address I have e-mailed 2 different address with no reply back and just want to make sure I have the right one. I do not know how else to get the answer so I apologize for asking it here and hope this will get a reply and post here.

Comics & More said...

All contact information as well as our location and such is available on the main website at
There is a link in the side panel of the blog.
You can e-mail me directly at, for any questions. I sometimes get deluged with e-mail all at once(particularly after a major convention appearance) although quite a bit of it is spam.I apologize if any legitimate e-mail has been lost in the filters.
You can always post questions here on the blog, even if not related to the topic I will respond.

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