Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Well, DC really packed a lot in this weeks shipment. The only problem is what to read first.
Check below for some thoughts on what I've had a chance to read so far.
May contain some spoilery type info.

Justice League #12 has the already famous cover with the Super couple, the story inside wraps up the current villain nicely while giving us some insight on just how the team feels they did in their first 5 years and where they need to go from here. One of the key members ends up quiting( but I guess he's gonna be pretty busy elsewhere).

It's not as if I need to do any work to push Green Lantern Annual #1. A solid action packed story that leads beautifully into the upcoming Lantern crossover, the Third Army.
 Man! those little blue smurfs have gone totally bug nuts crazy. The cover could use a little text though. In the 70's it would have a banner that read something like
" Who will live..Who will die.?."   Hell maybe they all will!!

The only thing I'm afraid of is, with all the Annuals arriving together, customers will need to chose something to leave behind.
Judging by pre-orders, that book is Justice League International Annual. All I can say is , that might be a big mistake. As young Rob pointed out as we were shelving the books, it cant be a coincidence that this final issue of the series is co-written by Johns and Didio. Of course that may just be because Omac and Booster have such a big role. Or it could be a massive last minute reveal that sets up something big in the future. And Blue Beetle fans will definitely want to catch what happens to him.

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