Saturday, August 25, 2012


Well as more than a few people have noticed already, Comics & More is not in it's usual spot at FanExpo this weekend. In Fact I'm not there at all!
This is the first year since the show began that I haven't had a booth at the show, and I find it refreshing. Sure I'll notice a dip in the old bank balance between now and Christmas, but staying in the store this weekend is already paying off in different ways.
I'm taking the time to clean up some of the mess in the basement, and sell off a pile of overstock for 25 cents each outside on this beautiful sidewalk shopping day.
Rooting through the basement I've run across some real finds, that will get my wall looking full again.
Valiant comics have been selling like crazy since it's relaunch a few months ago... so the run of original Valiants I'm bringing up should move quick(and probably piss off anyone at the show paying huge sums of cash for them right now)
Speaking of huge sales..I can bet one of the sentences driving every dealer nuts right now is" Do you have any old Walking Deads"? I know cause I hear it at the store almost every day.
Well I don't have a great run or anything, but I have brought up some amazing copies from #9 through #12. These are all original near mint never read copies that have been sitting in storage way too long.
My customers know I always put a more than fair price on wallstock so these won't last long. So get to the store as soon as you can to snap them up. And it won't cost you $45.00 to get in the store.

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