Thursday, January 10, 2008


Time to run down a quick list of stuff to look forward to arriving in March.

Dark Horse starts off strong with a new Serenity 3 issue mini-series. This one should sell even better than the last one with all the Whedon fans already hitting the store every month for their Buffy fix. Comic fans can look forward to the Adam Hughes covers.

Conan hits 50, and earns a much deserved break. After this special double-sized issue, there'll be a few months off before the Cimmerian returns in June.

The Hellboy Companion has been rescheduled to arrive in time for the 2nd Hellboy movie this May. This book is best described as the definitive guide to all things Hellboy and BPRD and, includes much artwork from the comics as well as new material by Mignola.

Hellboy and BPRD both ship their respective 8th volumes this month as well.

Over at DC, the Countdown kicks in to high gear as we approach the Final Crisis with all guns blazing. A great disaster seems unavoidable.

Speaking of great disasters, it seems DC is determined to get some use out of the Tangent characters that were created a few years back. I wouldn't mind if they were treated to the occasional summer team-up like the old days of the JLA-JSA x-overs, but a 12 issue maxi-series may be a bit much.

Probably the most anticipated comic sequel ever, is the DC New Frontier Special. Timed to arrive with the DVD animated movie of the original mini-series, this is a one-two punch too big to ignore. The movie will be coming in 2 formats with the single disc version running for about $19.99 and a double disc set including bonus material and 3 episodes of the Justice League animated series for $23.95.
The movie will most likely show up in big stores and video outlets the week before the comic shops get them, but if you pre-order either version from me, I will throw in the comic for $1.00.

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