Friday, September 18, 2009


This weekend's sale is on Marvel Essentials. I have a batch of these left-over from the convention, and they are out on the front table of the store for only $10.00 each. or 3/$25.00.
That's a lot of great reading for very little money. The sale starts today and ends on Sunday.
NEXT weekends sale will be on variant cover comics.
Marvel has been doing a lot of these lately and I have a pretty good selection of comics from the last half year or so. I'll put out as many as I can next week, and starting on Friday Sept. 25th. running till Sunday 27th, they will all be 50% off. Most of these are priced from $8.00-$20.00 but at half price, many will be about the same as a new regular comic. Even if you aren't someone who cares about variant art versions, you may see an issue you need to fill in a hole in your collection.
Remember, as with each of the weekend sales, only books specifically marked with a RED TAG, are included in the sale pricing.

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